Multi-family High-Efficiency Washer Rebate Program

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The district’s high-efficiency washer rebate program is for common area laundry rooms of multi-family sites with 10 or more units in Washington County. Commercial washers must be single load and rated in “Tier 2 or 3” with a water factor (WF) of 4.5 or less. Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) website has a complete list of commercial washer ratings.

Complete the application to participate in the rebate program

FAQs about High-efficiency washers

What is water factor?

Water factor (WF) indicates the number of gallons of water used for each cubic foot of laundry. A lower number indicates a more water-efficient clothes washer. So, a 4.5 WF means that 4.5 gallons of water is used per cubic-foot of laundry.

Are there other benefits to purchasing a high-efficiency clothes washer?

Tests have shown that high-efficiency clothes washers last longer. Most high-efficiency models are also energy-efficient. In addition, on warm water loads, less water means less energy to heat the water. So, this in turn could save you money with a lower energy bill, too.