The district is constantly monitoring the quality, treatment and sustainability of its water because we know you depend on it every day. More than 4,000 water quality tests are performed annually. The district’s treated water meets or exceeds the requirements for safe drinking water.

Protecting Your Water

More than 80% of the drinking water delivered by the district comes from surface water sources. Water is diverted from the Virgin River, stored in Sand Hollow and Quail Creek Reservoirs, and purified at the Quail Creek Water Treatment Plant.

The remaining water comes from groundwater sources located in the Navajo aquifer. Wells located primarily near the Sand Hollow Reservoir pump water from this aquifer for delivery to your tap.

The District’s Efforts to Protect Your Drinking Water
  • Maintain source water protection plans in cooperation with other local agencies
  • Monitor water quality conditions by inspecting the watershed and sampling water sources
  • Meet with municipal representatives routinely to coordinate efforts
How You Can Help Protect Your Drinking Water
  • Prevent detergents, fertilizers, and pesticides from entering community storm drains or the groundwater
  • Properly dispose of household products, such as cleaners, oil, gasoline, and unused medicines
  • Quickly repair and clean up automobile leaks
  • Clean up pet waste
  • Continue water conservation efforts

Working together, we can better protect our precious water resources.

Water Quality Reports

Annual water quality reports are prepared and published by the district in accordance to the requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency. The water quality reports for the district’s retail systems include results from both source water sampling and distribution system sampling. Copies of the district’s most recent retail reports are available below.

Cottam Wells serving Casa de Oro & Homespun Village

Sand Hollow Wells serving Hurricane Valley Water System

The water quality reports for the district’s wholesale water systems only include results from district source water sampling. Most retail water providers have additional sources, which are blended with the water provided by the district. Sampling results for these sources and for the distribution system must be obtained from the respective retail water provider. Copies of the district’s most recent wholesale reports are available below.

Quail Creek WTP & Sand Hollow Wells serving St. George, Washington, Hurricane, Ivins & Santa Clara

Sand Hollow Wells serving Hurricane City

Cottam Wells serving Hurricane, La Verkin & Toquerville

Ence Wells serving Kayenta

Quagga mussels are not currently found in any district facilities and do not impact water quality.