Diversion Dams

The districts owns and operates eight diversion dams throughout Washington County.

The most prominent is the Quail Creek Diversion Dam, which diverts water from the Virgin River with a 20-foot tall, 40-foot wide dam. The diverted water travels through an 8.7-mile, 66-inch steel pipeline to the Hurricane Hydropower Plant before delivery to Sand Hollow and/or Quail Creek reservoirs.

This diversion is of particular importance because it diverts water from the Virgin River several miles upstream from the La Verkin Hot Springs, a highly contaminated spring that pollutes our river system.

In 2013, the district invested $1 million to replace the dam’s original gate with an upgraded stainless steel version and rebuilt the hydraulic cylinders. See time-lapse video of the gate’s replacement here.

The district monitors and checks its diversion dams daily, 365 days a year.