Find a Landscape Professional

Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers (QWEL) can assist in all aspects of landscape design, installation and management. Find a trained professional in your area here.

Become a QWEL-certified Landscape Professional

QWEL is a program recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency as a WaterSense certification program that provides approximately 20 hours of educational training to professional landscapers to improve efficiencies in water use. Participants receive instruction on irrigation system design, maintenance, programming and operation.

Recognizing that landscape water use is a large component of urban water use nationwide, the Washington County Water Conservancy District started hosting QWEL training to local landscapers in 2013. Professional landscapers interested in becoming QWEL certified should call 435.673.3617.

QWEL certifications are recognized by the Utah Nursery and Landscape Association, Utah State University Extension and other local and state water entities. Certification is required to participate in the district’s rebate programs.

Note: Participating contractors are recognized solely on successful completion of the QWEL training. The Washington County Water Conservancy District does not specifically endorse any contractor. Inclusion in this program is not an endorsement of the performance of any contractor. Consumers should use care and discretion when selecting a contractor.