Impact Fees

Impact fees are one-time payments to fund the construction of public facilities needed to serve new development activity.  Fees are due prior to securing a building permit.

Impact Fee Application Forms

2024 Fees

Fees may differ based on the size of the irrigated area and other factors.  More specific quotes are available by calling the district at 435.673.3617.

Water Impact Fees


$13,500    3/4″ or 5/8″ meter


$17,550     3/4″ or 5/8″ meter

$44,550     1″ meter

$110,700    1.5″ meter

$183,600    2″ meter

Impact fees can’t be transferred to another lot once paid. Cash payments not accepted.

Common Area Water Conservation Easement

To encourage conservation in developments with common areas, the district offers a limit on the impact fee to property owners who sign a water conservation easement. The easement is a voluntary, legally binding agreement that limits the amount of common area the property owner can irrigate.

To apply for a water conservation easement, select the application appropriate to the ownership of the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the water district use impact fees?

The district uses impact fees to pay for public facilities including water rights and water supply, treatment, storage and distribution facilities – a multi-million dollar annual cost.  Fees are based upon the impact on capacity of public facilities created by development activity.

Impact fees to date have been spent on bond payments for the Quail Creek Project including the water treatment plant, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Crystal Creek Pipeline, wells, pipelines and other facilities built as part of our existing water system. The costs of these projects currently exhaust the district’s impact fee income.

How do impact fees benefit water users?

All water users’ benefit from shared project costs, which are significantly less expensive than an individual’s cost to secure, treat and transport water.

How are fee amounts determined?

The district assesses impact fees as follows:

  • Residential applicants pay based on the meter size.
  • Commercial applicants pay based on meter size and number of meters.

Contact the district office at 435.673.3617 if an impact fee estimate is needed prior to submitting your application.

Fee amounts are determined through an analysis based upon the requirements set forth in the Utah Impact Fees Act, which the district publishes periodically.  The current Impact Fee Facilities Plan, Analysis and Enactment sets the fees.

What is the procedure for paying an impact fee?

Impact fees are due when a building permit is secured.

Request an application from the respective city if securing a building permit. Bring the completed application, ensuring the city has completed its section, along with payment to the district’s office located at 533 E. Waterworks Dr. in St. George, UT.