Some neighborhoods developed in the unincorporated areas of Washington County receive water directly from the district given a municipal water provider is not available. The district manages the acquisition, treatment, storage and delivery of water and all necessary infrastructure and facilities.

Neighborhoods Served

Sky Ranch and Cliffdweller Ranch

In 1998, the district acquired a water system installed by the developers of Sky Ranch and Cliffdweller Ranch, two neighborhoods located south of Hurricane. Today, the system delivers an annual average of 1.5 million gallons of groundwater from wells and springs to more than 150 homes. Water is stored in two storage tanks and delivered through underground pipelines.

The district is working with the city of Hurricane to connect to this system to improve water source reliability and diversity for residents living in this area.

Casa de Oro

In 2006, the district extended its transmission line to service development in Casa de Oro, a 19-home neighborhood located near Leeds, UT. The district delivers an average of 320,000 gallons of water annually from groundwater wells to customers via an underground pipeline network.


Since 2009, the district has provided seasonal (end of May to end of October) water service for nearly 200 connections in the Woodland Retreat, Kolob Acres and Whispering Pines area of Kolob. Approximately 2.2 million gallons of water are delivered annually to the Kolob water service area from a well and 500,000-gallon storage tank. The district is currently considering adding a second well and spring water to increase availability and reliability of water for users in this area.

Hurricane Valley and Leeds Water System Service Agreement Application