Utah’s thriving economy and quality of life are dependent on a safe, reliable water supply. Water conservancy districts throughout the state are committed to the well-established tradition of proactive planning, development and wise fiscal management.

Funding Sources

The State of Utah has allocated three essential revenue sources for water conservancy districts. Water rates fund on-going operation, maintenance, repair and replacement of water deliveries. Limited property taxes fund watershed development and management, conservation efforts, environmental initiatives and public services (such as flood control, emergency fire suppression water supplies, etc.) that benefit all property owners. Impact fees help defray the capital costs of new infrastructure.


Budgets are prepared by the general manger of the water district and approved by the district’s board of trustees annually. See the district’s current budget here.


Water conservancy districts are audited annually by an independent accounting agency. The 2023 audit was prepared by Hinton Burdick.